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Aussie Farmers unveils virtual shopping app

Online retailer, Aussie Farmers Direct, has launched a new app to recreate aspects of physical retailing, digitally.

Aussie Farmers Direct, CEO, Keith Louie said that AisleOne does away with the cluttered search boxes, detailed product lists, and confusing text-based navigation that are typical of online shopping sites.

The new iPad app reimagines the online shopping experience, with a virtual store that makes buying groceries seem more like an animated 3D game.

“We wanted to make an app that completely reimagined the online shopping experience, but to do so, we had to throw out all of the standard e-commerce conventions and start from scratch. AisleOne is the result: a true virtual shop optimised for touchscreens that makes customers feel like they’re physically standing in a supermarket,” Louie said.

AisleOne displays the Aussie Farmers Direct product range in a virtual store and lets customers shop in three simple steps, firstly  “scroll and stroll” through the virtual shop, secondly “click and pick” products off the shelf for a closer look; and finally, “drag and drop” items in to your basket.

Louie said that bricks and mortar retailers have been refining the shopping experience for centuries, creating store layouts and product displays that excite customers.

“AisleOne is the first online shopping platform to take the best aspects of physical retailing and recreate them digitally. It’s such a fun and engaging user interface; we expect it to drive a new wave of customers to the business who prefer the app’s simplified yet thoroughly immersive approach to online shopping,” he said.

The launch of AisleOne also marks Aussie Farmers Direct’s first entry into the digital marketing space. It is currently in talks with a number of businesses to white-label the AisleOne platform, opening the company up to new revenue channels outside of the online food delivery business.

“When we started this business 10 years ago, we would never have dreamed we’d end up in the app business. This is an important step in the evolution of Aussie Farmers Direct, demonstrating that we’re a forward-thinking company that’s not only embracing change but also leading the way in developing new and innovative solutions for our customers,” said Louie.

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