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ANZ shoppers prefer multi-channel to pureplay

Australians are among the least likely shoppers in the world to have made their last online purchase from a pureplay retailer, according to new research.

Only 36 per cent of consumers in Australia and New Zealand gave a pureplay retailer their most recent online business, compared to 45 per cent in North America, 51 per cent in Africa and 70 per cent in Asia.

The survey from KPMG included more than 1,000 Aussie shoppers, revealing that while more Australians are shopping online than previous years, 43 per cent are shopping from multi-channel brands.

Interestingly, global findings indicate that 54 per cent of Baby Boomers made their last purchase from a pureplay retailer, compared to 48 per cent of millennials.

“A trend of younger consumers being less likely than baby boomers to buy from e-tailers could indicate a future slowdown in this platform’s growth,” the report said. “Baby Boomers, who are less prone to shop around for price and who prefer to buy from familiar websites, made their most recent purchase from an e-tailer.”

ANZ shoppers are, in general, still less keen to shop online. Consumers in ANZ make 16.1 transactions on average per year, compared to 22.1 in Asia, 19 in North America and 18.4 in Western Europe, according to the data.

Interestingly though, ANZ shoppers shop abroad more often than their North American, Asian or Western European counterparts, with 35 per cent of online purchases imported from other regions.

“Overseas-born Australians have been a contributing factor to e-commerce growth. In cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with large percentages of overseas-born nationals, consumers have always been comfortable buying goods online as it was often the only way to get the products they liked,” KPMG’s head of consumer markets, ANZ, Trent Duvall, said.

This story first appeared on sister site, Inside Retail Australia

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