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AMR Hair & Beauty opens Canberra superstore

Hair and beauty retailer AMR Hair & Beauty has launched a new shop in Belconnen, Canberra, which it claims is the largest beauty store in town. 

First launched in Sydney in 2004 on a B2B platform, the company expanded into B2C and introduced its online store as well as its first Melbourne shop last year. 

According to AMR Hair & Beauty, the brand aims to bring quality and affordable hair and beauty products to consumers and trade customers in the ACT as the demand is growing. It also said that Belconnen is “a logical next step for a new store”. 

“Our focus for the Belconnen store is to bring high quality and affordable hair and beauty products to not only consumers, but our trade customers in the ACT,” said founder and CEO Ammar Issa. 

“We care about providing face-to-face education and building relationships with our customers, and retail is fundamental to that, as well as our growing online platform.” 

AMR Hair & Beauty Belconnen is located at 2 Ibbott Lane, Belconnen ACT. The store offers a 20-per-cent discount for all items until May 5 to celebrate its opening. 

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