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Amazon Australia launches home bundles to simplify shared living

As the cost of living increases, 68 per cent of younger Australians are making changes to their living conditions, according to a new report by Amazon Australia.

Amazon’s ‘The Young Aussie Home of 2023’ report found that one in five have downsized their residences while one in six Australians are now living with other people to share costs.

To streamline the home decor shopping experience, the retailer has launched home ‘bundles’ which are curated starter packs with a variety of products for specific room needs such as office, bedroom, pilates studio or study.

Ian Bradley, head of homes at Amazon Australia, said the bundles are designed to provide “practical solutions” across a huge range of home products.

Meanwhile, despite living in shared accommodation, about 48 per cent of those surveyed by Amazon said they cared about how their home looks while 23 per cent stated they looked out for affordable and unique items.

About 43 per cent have cut back on household expenses such as groceries and toiletries.

Mark Carter, behavioural expert said despite facing a tough property ownership ladder, young adults are not letting this get in the way of living in a home they’re proud of with styling that works for them.

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