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AI-powered browser plugin helps online shoppers seamlessly compare prices

Aussie start-up Little Birdie has launched an AI-powered browser extension that can compare product prices from thousands of online retailers and show which one is the cheapest.

The free extension plugs seamlessly into Safari (iPhone) or Chrome (desktop) and covers all e-commerce categories.

The tool genuinely shows a list of the lowest available price for a product online, completely unbiased and not impacted by advertising.

Little Birdie can also help shoppers track price movement over time and know the best time to buy a product by showing an easy-to-read graph of price history.

Recent research found 93 per cent of Australians are concerned about rising costs, and further research indicates 50 per cent of shoppers are deferring purchases until sales periods or special deals. 

“Using Little Birdie when shopping online can save the average household many hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars every year,” said Jon Beros, Little Birdie founder and CEO.

“Little Birdie’s technology gives shoppers a birds-eye view of how retailers are pricing their products, so they have visibility on the market. Ultimately this will be good for shoppers, and good for retailers looking for new customers.”

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