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Adore Beauty records good growth, plans to launch skincare line

Pureplay online retailer Adore Beauty has reported positive sales momentum in the first half of the financial year.

Group revenue is up 18 per cent to $113.1 million with the active customer base increasing 13 per cent to 876,000. Returning customers delivered 71 per cent of the revenue ordering at least three times per year. 

The company is on track to launch its private label skincare line in the fourth quarter. Higher levels of customer engagement, conversions and user retention followed by the scaling of native iOS and Android apps contributed 5.6 per cent of revenue in the first quarter increasing to 7 per cent in the second quarter. 

Adore Beauty CEO Tennealle O’Shannessy said the company is executing a strategic plan that will accelerate growth and increase the lifetime value of customers.

“We continue to scale our mobile app and loyalty program, which are resonating with customers and delivering higher order values and annual revenue per customer.

“We are rapidly expanding our owned marketing channels to capitalise and fortify our first-mover advantage, driven by the content, range and a best-in-class customer experience,” she added.

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