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4 Brands To Applaud in Oz

4 Brands To Applaud In The Oz Digital Space


Whilst there is much talk of the lack of retailers embracing the digital phenomenon in Australia, there are a few that are definitely leading the way in the digital space which should be commended. This article focuses on the big Australian brands that whilst may not have perfected all in the digital environment, have demonstrated that digital is firmly on the agenda.


Clive Peeter’s – eCommerce Engine

Releasing their new site in Q3 of 2009, Clive Peeters has shown many electrical retailers just how to build a quality eCommerce engine. The site combines some of the key ingredients to deliver an effective eComerce site which are;

– Robust search capability

– A well structured, easy to navigate shopping cart

– Tailored online pricing strategy to differentiate from in-store pricing.

It seems the next phase of their strategy is to ramp up their SEO efforts as they engaged a search agency late last year so they will be an interesting one to watch as they power ahead in this space.


Sportsgirl – Social Tactics

In 2009, Sportsgirl launched their new online forum to enable its consumers to

– Discuss the latest fashion trends

– Ask Sportsgirl questions about their latest range and

– Interact with likeminded people on other lifestyle topics such as travel, fitness and parties. Sportsgirl are doing a great job at moderating the forums and take up since launch has been strong. As a next step it will be interesting to see if Sportsgirl will take this concept further and crowdsource some of their next seasons fashions through their avid consumer base.


Blackmore’s – Content Strategy

Over the past few years Blackmores have built a very strong content strategy to provide advice and tools on a range of health related issues. Whilst Blackmores immediate product offering centres around vitamins, they have extended the relevance of their brand to help consumers by providing content/tools for popular health & wellbeing categories such as weight loss, pregnancy and general health. To augment their online user experience Blackmores are also offering free naturopathy advice, ovulation calendars and meal planners to name a few – all of which combined with content are driving user subscriptions and repeat visitors to their site.


Coles Supermarkets – Mobile iPhone Application

Coles has leveraged the iPhone to aid shoppers to complete their weekly shop. Rather than redevelop their online site into an app (which seems to be a popular strategy), Coles have defined what shoppers need whilst they are on the move – ensuring that their mobile strategy is fit for purpose. The Coles iPhone app allows consumers to;

– Build a virtual shopping list and then cross off items as a user shops in-store

– Search for specials in-store at their local supermarket or even

– Search for recipes whilst you are on the move (in case you haven’t planned this weeks shop).

I think the only thing missing is the link between a users web experience and the mobile phone. By providing a user with the ability to build their shopping list on site then log in and access it via their mobile, Coles will be able to further increase take up rates. All in all however I think Coles have combined clever with functional to provide an app that extends well beyond – find a store!


Got an example of an Australian retailer that should be applauded for their digital strategy – please share them below


© Digital Marketing Lab Blog Written By: Teresa Sperti

Teresa Sperti, is the author of Digital Marketing Lab and is an Australian client side digital marketing expert living in Melbourne.

With over 9 years experience as a marketing professional, her knowledge base extends across the digital landscape with expertise in;
• Digital strategy and planning
• Paid and organic search marketing
• Website development and analysis
• Email marketing
• Social media marketing

Twitter – @DigitalMLab

Linked In – Teresa Sperti

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