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Finalists revealed in Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards – online and retail

Twenty-nine businesses have been named as finalists in the Online Business and Specialised Retail Small Business category of the 2023 Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards.

The awards are considered to be the most diverse in terms of the breadth of represented industries and sectors and spanning all capital cities as well as rural, regional and suburban towns as it aims to celebrate the country’s most inspiring and influential women in small business.

Now in its second year, they feature more than 65 categories, judged by an independent panel of representatives who have relevant experience or an understanding of the operations of small business.

Among this year’s most competitive categories, Online Business and Specialised Retail Small Business are proving among the most challenging categories to judge, according to Steve Loe, awards founder and MD of Precedent Productions, which coordinates the awards.

“The quantity and quality of entrants in the Online Business and Specialised Retail Small Business categories in particular is truly remarkable and so the ultimate selection of this year’s finalists has by no means been an easy feat,” Loe said. “When the judges evaluate entries, they consider all aspects of a small business: its strategies, innovative initiatives, customer service, vision, growth, charitable and community support – to name but some of the judging criteria.

“We’re simply blown away by the incredibly high calibre of Australia’s female-led small businesses and, while it’s certainly a welcome challenge, the next round of judging is bound to be even more challenging, as we continue to nut through the impressive finalists to reach one winner per category,” Loe added.

The 16 Online Business category finalists are: Billycart Kids (Qld), Booxies (Vic), Box’d Night In (NSW), Buggez Bugeyes (WA), Bundl Australia (NSW), Cheers Sweetie (NSW), Danya Clairvoyant (Vic), East Forged (Qld), Essential Shift Consulting (NSW), Jaimie Abbott Communications (NSW), Medical Aesthetic Supplies (Qld), Oh Flossy (NSW), Postix Sticker Club (NSW), Strawberry Solutions (NSW), Sunset Coast Publishing (WA) and Your Bliss (Qld).

The 13 Specialised Retail Small Business category finalists are: B Eco Family (ACT), Birdies (NSW), Blossom Hair Body Face and Wig Boutique (NSW), Harry and Kit (Qld), HeyDoodle (Vic), Milkbar Breastpumps (NSW), Mini Murray and Me (NSW), Moulton Galleries (NSW), Muk Mat (Qld), Ride Proud Clothing (Qld), Silkflora (NSW), The Spoonie Society (Vic) and The Store of Requirement (Qld).

In addition to honouring business category winners, the 2023 Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards will also showcase the achievements of four individual category winners – Young Small Business Champion Woman Entrepreneur (aged 30 and younger), Small Business Champion Woman Entrepreneur (aged over 30), Australian Small Business Champion Influential Woman and Australian Small Business Champion Icon.

“The success of female-led small businesses in this country is absolutely on the rise, especially during the past decade and even during the current challenging economic climate,” Loe said. “Since our inception more than 40 years ago, Precedent Productions continues to present a multitude of state and national award programs, so we’re generally in tune with the country’s best-performing business operators.

“We simply could not look past the spiking number of female small business trailblazers and so deemed it only appropriate to present a standalone awards programme that really celebrates our nation’s women in small business,” he added.

The winners of the 2023 Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards will be announced on Saturday 23 September at National Presentation Evening Gala Event.

This story was originally published on Inside Small Business.

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