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Sponsored: How payments benefit every department

The way consumers pay is changing. Today’s online buyers expect a lot from their payment experience, and will go out of their way to find it. They value speed, convenience, and security; their busy, on-the-go lives demand that every step of the process feels intuitive and is executed flawlessly.

When that happens, the benefits are plain to see. A seamless digital-payment experience makes online shopping effortless. Quicker load times let buyers complete their transactions without delay and move on with their day. The right mix of payment options across platforms and devices ensure they’re always able to use the provider they trust or benefit from the most.

But what about the benefits to businesses? When merchants optimize their approach to payments, they see gains all their own. A seamless buying experience can lead to higher conversion rates on both desktop and mobile, more efficiency throughout your organization, increased reach, better security and protection against fraudulent transactions, and even higher revenue. Transforming a mediocre offering into a superior experience allows every department in your organization to win in a big way.

Rethinking your payments can give your customers exactly what they’re looking for, and that’s why it’s such a bright idea for merchants.

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