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Maison de Sabré hits $10 million in sales in just two years

Online accessories retailer Maison de Sabré announced it has reached a $10 million milestone in sales since it was founded in 2017.

Founders Dr. Omar and Dr. Zane Sabré said company sales started to skyrocket toward the tail end of 2018 after a few “huge celebrities and influencers were snapped” with their products.

Maison de Sabré, the brothers’ first e-commerce business, sells monogrammed and personalised leather mobile phone cases, clutches and card holders online and ships them from its warehouse on the Gold Coast.

Zane said there are new products in the pipeline due to launch in the middle of the year.

The founders, both dentists, said they plan to extend their brand presence globally and are set to collaborate with some major influencers in the coming months as they launch their new pieces.

Maison de Sabré, founded by the brothers in 2017 while Zane was still in dental school and the family was experiencing some emotional and financial difficulties, has gained success through social media.

“Much of our success has been driven via social media,” Zane said.

“Our biggest challenges have been navigating trends and online algorithm changes.”

To overcome these challenges, Zane said they constantly have strategy meetings that are put in place to keep evolving with their target audience.

“One thing that never gets old is providing real value to customers,” he said.

“I think once you truly understand your niche, then you too will evolve with them. Our products don’t aim to capture trends, but provide timeless designs that outlast the season.”

Zane said the team, which is composed of millennials, has helped keep the ball rolling for the brand.

“We have been fortunate enough to employ a really savvy team of individuals,” he said. “Many of our team members are millennials themselves, so they are experts when it comes to understanding the metrics of an online business.”

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