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Gumtree takes digital outdoors

Gumtree’s new campaign extends the site’s car dealership advertising from mobile devices to the outdoors, using APN Outdoor’s Elite Screen Network.

The campaign promotes Gumtree’s B2C automotive platform. Existing advertisers on the platform will have their ads filtered to eight digital billboards around Brisbane.

“It’s great to see APN Outdoor pushing innovation in the OOH market and helping us plan more effectively for clients,” said Kate Milligan, Gumtree business director PHD.

“We are truly moving from ‘anonymous broadcast’ to ‘identified broadcast’ and this opportunity has allowed Gumtree to target audiences with the right message at the right time, but most importantly with that all illusive high impact.”

Mark Fairhurst, general manager-sales, APN Outdoor described the campaign as a breakthrough for the community marketplace.

Gumtree’s vision and expertise in their field is epitomised through this campaign,” he said.

“The ability to take native content, that can exist on Gumtree’s site and amplify it using digital outdoor, with the control but immediacy of feed integration is a breakthrough in this field and something we hope to see more of in the future.”

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