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Yohji Yamamoto launches global online shop

Acclaimed Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto has launched a global e-commerce site for customers living outside Japan.

“Yohji Yamamoto the Shop” features a range of brands from the designer including S’Yte and Ground Y, which until now, have never been available outside Japan.

The site also offers Yamamoto’s signature collection, Yohji Yamamoto Produce, luxury accessories label, Yohji Yamamoto and casualwear offerings, Yohji Yamamoto + Noir, and Y’s, as well as his daughter’s brand, Limi feu. 

The online store is geared towards the English-speaking market, with prices in USD, but it ships to 130 countries.

Yamamoto has announced plans to release a mobile app in early September and a Chinese language web store next month.

The designer first started selling items online through a Japanese-language website in July of this year.

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