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Wine marketplace Vivino launches in Australia

Wine marketplace Vivino has launched commercial operations in Australia, offering 50 per-cent reduction on commissions to local wineries for the remainder of this year. 

The online marketplace operation will be based in Sydney, NSW and led by James Fildes, GM of Vivino Australia. 

Vivino now has more than 800,000 users in Australia and more than 51 million users globally. Australian users of the app will now be able to buy local wines as well as continue to share ratings and recommendations of wines they try.

“It’s been a tough couple of years for winemakers and merchants in this market, but we’ve seen remarkable resilience in the domestic economy,” said Fildes. 

“This industry deserves a break, and Vivino can help Aussie winemakers by showing our users more of their wine, based on each individual’s unique taste and price preferences. Our data is unmatched.”

Beside the discounts, Vivino also provides local producers data via its Merchant Dashboard illustrating how consumers interact with their brands. The insights will help winemakers and brands to identify their customers and prospects and drive sales.

Fildes said the platform had proven its model internationally and could quickly provide new revenue streams for local wine producers.

Vivino is now the world’s largest online wine marketplace and the most-downloaded wine app. The concept allows wine enthusiasts to rate and share views on wine, which allows the app to use community data to make personalised wine recommendations, helping consumers discover new brands and blends.

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