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Why sell your car when you can swap, asks new online marketplace SwapU

Online marketplace SwapU allows customers to swap cars without losing money to car dealers, setting a new norm of online shopping. 

Founded by Nic Robertson, the online platform was built to help people exchange second-hand goods to save money, at the same time enabling a circular economy shopping experience. Besides cars, SwapU also allows people to swap other items, ranging from cars, boats and motorbikes all the way to toys and electronics.

“Everyone has something in their homes that they don’t use or need,” said Robertson. “There’s value locked in those items. 

“All you need to do is find the person who wants to swap, and you’ll have something new and you’ve spent no cash getting it. SwapU is designed to help you do that”.

The business model was also designed to help customers solve the hassle of the required paperwork when they want to swap register items, such as stamp duty and vehicle ownership transfer for cars.

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