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Welcome to the new Internet Retailing site

Looking back, six years is not really a long time, however as many of you will recall from my highly discussed newsletter message “How Long is an Internet Year” it’s a lifetime in internet years — 32.9 years to be exact and the changes in those six years have been mind boggling.

To think that came about out of an innocent search to find out which Australian publisher owned the domain in 2008 — crazy!

At the time I was desperate for Australian knowledge on e-commerce as I went through multiple web builds and integrations for a retailer I worked at, but alas found none, and had to rely on my American and English namesakes for knowledge.

This frustrated me so much that I registered the domain, and started with Nathan Huppatz, one of Australia’s leaders in e-commerce, as an ambassador. I did this while working full time and recall at lunchtime each day running around the corner to make calls to interviewees, advertisers etc. was the first at this and everyone told me that I was wasting my time as e-commerce would never work in Australia, however it got my foot into the door of every online retailer with ease. Paul Greenberg of Deals Direct and Andrew Cooper of Dstore were two of the first that welcomed me with opened arms and shared their knowledge. has been a foundation participant and media partner in every major e-commerce event in Australia since 2009. I have always wanted to be not only the first publication in this industry but the best.

This has now come true as the Octomedia Group, publisher of Inside Retail and other leading retail trade publications, take a stake in and I happily welcome them onboard.

I would like to introduce’s new editor Tess Bennett. Tess will be overseeing content and editorial on the website while I work with Octomedia to make the publication even more friendly and outstanding than it has been up until now.

As always, feedback is welcome. Feel free to get in touch with myself or Tess.

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