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Vinomofo launches corporate partnership program

Online wine retailer, Vinomofo, has launched a corporate partnership program and is on track to launch a new loyalty program this month, to grow its number of dedicated “mofos”.

Any corporate partner that joins the program opens up the opportunity for their staff to become a VIM (Very Important Mofo) corporate member. VIM status entitles employees to welcome credit, free shipping and Vinomofo will donate to one of their chosen charities. Wine tastings and wine lists for staff drinks are also on offer for businesses.

Vinomofo co-founders and joint-CEOs, Andre Eikmeier and Justin Dry, made the decision to move into the corporate space when they realised that huge pockets of their customers all worked for the same companies.

“Companies would often ask us to come in and talk to their team about the Vinomofo culture and share our business insights and learnings,” said Dry. “What we quickly discovered was that many individuals were already Vinomofo members, so we looked into our database and realised that we had massive pockets of our tribe working for the company.”

When asked how a ‘corporate’ partnership fits with the brand’s identity – this is, after all, the company that devotes significant real estate on its website to explaining that ‘mofo’ stands for exactly what you think it does – Eikmeier explained the choice was about simplicity and loyalty.

“We talked about this, and tried a whole lot of different words, but they all sounded like we were trying to be cool, when in the end, it’s about something being simple to understand for the people who are going to use it,” Eikmeier told Inside Retail Weekly.

“‘Corporate’ is such an established term, even in wine terms, and it felt counter-productive to try to make something new up.”

In essence there’s no difference in approach between selling to individuals versus corporate accounts, Eikmeier said.

“Every mofo gets their own personal mofo broker, it’s part of our experience,” ,” Eikmeier continued. “Every corporate partner gets their own corporate mofo broker, who can look after them in the same way, just on a different scale. And once an employee joins, they’re very much a mofo member, just with some of the cool extra benefits.

“Note, we’re also launching our mofo loyalty program this month, so loyal mofos will also see plenty of cool benefits as well.”

Since launching four years ago, Vinomofo now have more than 350,000 members. Currently, they have five corporate partners and a number of affiliates, with interest growing daily.

“We’ve already got a number of enquires from other companies and while we’re planning on rapidly scaling the program, we want to ensure that we’re collaborating with the right companies, that get our brand and the mofo way,” said Eikmeier.

Last month, Vinomofo announced it was investing $250,000 in fellow Australian start up Nourissh, a home delivered meal service with a focus on wellness.

This story first appeared in Internet Retailing’s sister site Inside Retail, click here to subscribe.  

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