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Vinomofo to launch new subscription service

Online wine retailer Vinomofo is launching a new wine subscription service next week, as it looks to satisfy customers’ desire for increased flexibility and customisation.

‘The Club’ officially launches on Monday, 21 August, with three subscription options: a dozen bottles of white wine for $159, a dozen red for $199, or a mixed dozen for $179.

The range and prices are identical to Vinomofo’s existing subscription service, called ‘The Original’, which launched in 2012, but the way it works is different.

Andre Eikmeier, one of the co-founders and joint-CEO of Vinomofo, told Internet Retailing that the new service allows customers to customise their order.

“If you don’t like sauv blanc – and to be honest who does? – you can say you don’t want to receive any in your shipment,” he said.

Subscribers can select whether they want to receive their order monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, and they can pause their subscription at any time without penalties.

The service also includes new content like wine video tastings, rather than written tasting notes.

Eikmeier said customers have come to expect this level of service and flexibility from the rapidly-growing subscription market.

But while many wine clubs predate modern-day subscription services like Netflix and Spotify, they haven’t kept up with customers’ changing demands.

“It’s a massive market in Australia and around the world and we need to make the experience really rich and invest in marketing this properly,” he said.

That involved rebuilding the subscription platform over the past three months, a project which reflects how far Vinomofo has come from its startup days, according to Eikmeier.

“It’s the first major project we’ve done that was scoped out with a lot more rigour and managed with the right stakeholders and discipline,” he said. “We took a lot of learnings from Atlassian and some other best practice players.”

The platform rebuild is part of a broader project to rebuild Vinomofo’s website section by section ahead of the anticipated increase in traffic from its global growth.

Eikmeier said Vinomofo will phase out ‘The Original’ immediately after ‘The Club’ launches on Monday.

The company also plans to launch a subscription service targeting high-end wine called ‘The Vault’ in November this year, and a new subscription service for its popular ‘Black Market’ wines in September.

Alongside these changes to its subscription model, Eikmeier said the company plans to introduce new delivery options in September or October, including options for faster shipping and after-hours delivery.

Vinomofo still plans to take delivery in-house, according to Eikmeier. The company expects to trial delivery with its own vans and drivers in Melbourne over Christmas 2017.

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