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Uber builds B2B offer, but first, puppies!

Ride sharing service, Uber, is steadily building its B2B offering to complement its popular B2C business.

Pet food brand Purina and Uber will bring #UberPUPPIES to eight cities across Australia today, following a similar Australia Day partnership with Optus to provide backyard cricket umpires on demand.

Puppies will available in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast and Sydney.

The goal of the initiative is to help local animal shelters find new homes and possible families for puppies. All puppies involved in the campaign are up for adoption.

There is a $40 “snuggle fee”, which will go straight to participating shelters. Those lucky enough to secure a visit from a furry friend will also receive a Purina and Uber gift bag.

To order a puppy, log into your Uber app and select the ‘Puppies’ option. If there is a puppy available in your area, you and your colleagues will enjoy 15 minutes of puppy love.

The model is similar to Uber’s past kitten promotion, which according to Uber Australia GM, David Rohrsheim, lead to the inevitable question: when are you going to do puppies?

The ride sharing service is dipping its toes in the delivery business. Last week Samsung phone owners had the option to receive order an emoji – a gift, donut or flowers – and the physical goods were then delivered by Uber.

Beyond promo opportunities, Uber’s delivery platform, Uber Rush, which isn’t turned on in Australia yet and is being piloted in the US, allows any store or small business to summon and Uber to deliver a package.

Another new offering from the tech company, Uber API, allows businesses to place a button within their own apps to request an Uber, essentially adding a transportation layer to an existing app. For example restaurants and hotels can include a ‘bring me to this place’ option while making a reservation.

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