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THUBIT, a disruptive new word in Travel

ThubitThere is an unusual buzz taking place in the small but growing Australian startup scene that is probably more reministant of Silicon Valley or Houston Texas rather than the Land Downunder. Through an undisclosed but reliable source we have been informed that a hush startup called is looking to rollout a potentially game changing travel based online platform. 

This has the potential to not only steal users aways from an ever so tiring Facebook but also has the potential to disrupt the online travel market…and all of this on a global scale. Worth reading more…continue on… 

That’s quite a claim..almost American in strength of language but from what we can piece together the building blocks for such an market disruption appear to be there. Lets disclose what we do know.


They have been in super sleuth mode for a little over a year.

Thubit is based on a coverage model looking to consolidate an assortment of disparate, commercially viable travel products under one umbrella. The platform is built around a social media platform where users will have a huge degree of ownership around their date as opposed to facebook or LinkedIn today. Most importantly however is their apparent intent to flip travel upside down that has caught our attention.


Let me explain. The travel industry has been notoriously built to support the industry of travelling versus the industry of the customer and as such this is why the average consumer sees such a hodgepodge of scattered services. Users in the 21st century want and expect better. They want simplicity, they are demanding convergence and most importantly they want a platform they can trust with their data.


Dont get us wrong, the chances of disrupting the marketplace as stated above will be slim, very slim but even if they can meet even a tenth of their ambitions this company would be one of Australia’s greatest contribution to the consumer net to date. Definitely worth being out on your watch list now!





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