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The new online experience? Live shopping, SMS marketing, one-click buying

We’ve all heard that consumer expectations have gone through the roof since Covid, but what exactly do people want from their favourite online retailers? Klarna’s New Shopper Ecosystem report has outlined five features that customers now want from their e-commerce experiences.

One-click to pay, payment details saved

It’s pretty simple. If retailers make it easy for people to purchase, then consumers will be more likely to spend with them and not abandon their carts. Thirty per cent of online shoppers have given up on making a purchase after realising they had to get their credit card details, while 23 per cent failed to complete an online transaction because they had to re-enter their information.

Meanwhile, one in three claims that putting their credit card details in is the most painful part of the entire shopping experience. What’s the answer? Allowing customers to save their previous payment details so it’s a seamless one-click purchase.

Ability to track delivery in the one spot

According to the Klarna report, 91 per cent of respondents are “very interested” in having total visibility on the whereabouts of their orders. While 23 per cent of online shoppers said they are satisfied with receiving delivery updates, more than 80 per cent expect it to be very easy to track the status of their items. Unfortunately, only 48 per cent of respondents said they had this experience in the past. 

All loyalty and membership cards saved in the same place

As many customers have signed up to several loyalty membership programs, it can be difficult for them to keep track of all their various cards. In fact, 90 per cent of shoppers are a member of at least one program, while the average consumer is a member of six.

“Not only do 82 per cent of shoppers want to be able to access all of their loyalty or membership cards in one place, but the greater majority (73 per cent) also would like them to be stored on a smartphone app,” stated the Klarna report.

SMS shopping

This is a hugely underrated opportunity for retailers. In fact, engaging SMS marketing can have 10 per cent conversion ratios. The next step is for savvy brands to allow customers to purchase directly from text messages – it’s something that 53 per cent of respondents in Klarna’s survey are very interested in seeing from their favourite stores.

Live shopping

Since Covid hit, livestreaming has definitely become a significant part of the retail experience, particularly for fashion brands, with Cue, Nike, Forever New, Dion Lee and others jumping on board.

While only one in five survey respondents has been able to purchase directly from a live shopping event, 52 per cent said they’d be very interested in seeing more retailers offer customers the option. 

To access more consumer insights, you can download the Klarna report here.

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