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The most creative way to promote your fashion brand during a pandemic

With the coronavirus outbreak across the world, business continuity has been immensely impacted.

As more cities impose lockdowns, nonessential businesses have had to close. In the US and Europe, fashion is among the categories affected greatly by Covid-19. In May, sales at US clothing and accessories shops were down 62.4 per cent, while the 19-country Euro area had retail sales of clothing, textiles, and footwear down 50.5 per cent for the month.

Nevertheless, to survive the market and stand out with your e-commerce or fashion business, innovation is key. Innovation in the way you promote your business is crucial. An excellent way to do this is to incorporate quality photography, animations and videography to give your consumers more information, better understanding, and a moving reference for your products and services in use. 

In light of this, Virtue Creative has taken the opportunity to collaborate with its regular and new brands, using this time to get to know clients better and explore more unique ways to market their products in this tumultuous and dynamic environment. For example, our great client Camilla has been getting even more creative with its online presence, connecting more with its customers.

Virtue Creative and Camilla came together to work on project Lockdown Look that involved a small team from both parties adhering to new obstacles in the working environment including social distancing and other Covid-related restrictions. This was a unique shoot that allowed for creativity to flow under very unusual circumstances. The final product exemplified daily chores captured in a flamboyant and fun shoot with Camilla as the model.  

Virtue Creative is making it possible for its clients to promote, support, and grow their businesses online through a range of promotional photography, animations and video material that can be used across various campaigns and online platforms. To help our clients stand out and stay ahead of their competition, we offer two transforming techniques: virtual showrooms (360 model and product photography) and stop-motions.

Virtual showrooms (360 model and product photography): This is a way to showcase garments and products from multiple angles. Customers can explore every detail and fitting through this emerging service. Virtual Showrooms and 360 photography are a great way to really push the boundaries and showcase products, especially at a time when brands are focusing on their online presence and customers shopping experience. We provide great techniques where people can add multiple hotspots with photos, videos, animations, etc., as well as Google Analytics to see customer interactions. For samples, click here.

Another fantastic way to showcase products, how they work, and get high awareness is through stop-motions. This is also a viral technique that has massive success on social media, EDMs, and other marketing platforms. For samples of what we have done in this regard, click here

Amid a global crisis situation, changing your perspective and seeking opportunities might be what your business truly needs. Any business that is flexible and can adapt quickly has greater success and presence in this changing market. Innovation is one of the significant factors for any business to flourish in the market.

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