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Streethawk – App Drives Shoppers Into Stores

StreetHawk – Drives Shoppers into Stores Usingstreethawk_1-142px

New and World-First Aussie Technology

SYDNEY, Australia – 21 May 2012

StreetHawk is a groundbreaking mobile cloud platform and App that helps retailers drive footfall by harnessing their best asset – their inventory.

Retailers send personal notifications to shoppers based on their preferences and behaviours when they are close to stores. StreetHawk’s cloud-based ‘RRR Matching Engine’ means getting the best message to the Right Person, at the Right Place, at the Right Time.

For example: a shopper ‘favourites’ a dress in a Country Road App – next time they are around a Country Road store they receive a phone notification reminding them about the dress, and letting them know the item’s cost and that it is nearby. It is a set-and-forget marketing communication – highly personal and relevant to EVERY shopper. It helps facilitate impulse buying when shoppers are out of the store.

The RRR Matching Engine is also a marketing communications tool that can also be used for alerting shoppers to flash-sales, in-store events and special offers.

Retailers can see how the RRR Matching Engine works by downloading the StreetHawk Fashion App from the Apple App store. Shoppers search for what they’re looking for in the stores around them by seeing pictures, details of their ‘Search’ results and a map view to plan shopping trips with precision. Items are discounted by up to 70%.


If shoppers save their ‘Search’, StreetHawk can hunt for them 24/7 and send shoppers a phone notification when it finds the items they want in the shops around them. All ‘Searches’ are matched in real-time against up to 150,000 items from many favourite Australian stores and brands including General Pants, Country Road and Supre. StreetHawk is currently for Sydney shoppers.

The StreetHawk RRR Matching Engine drives qualified footfall, and App engagement with bespoke retailer Apps. StreetHawk is speaking to fashion and other retailers about using the StreetHawk Fashion App to drive footfall, and also leasing the RRR Matching Engine to retailers to help drive footfall and maximise shopper engagement with their own Apps.

Natasha Rawlings, Chief Hawk: ‘Most retailers who have Apps realise that releasing an App is easy compared to keeping an active engagement with their audience – 50% of Apps are abandoned after three uses. With StreetHawk’s RRR Matching Engine, retailers can give their Apps maximum utility so shoppers keep using them and have maximum engagement. Our own App has an active rate of more than 20% – unheard of with most other retail Apps.’


The StreetHawk App can be downloaded at: or from

or search for ‘StreetHawk’ in the Apple App Store

Retailers can go to for more information about the RRR Matching Engine.





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