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Statistics – Online shopping in Australia

Statistics – Online Shopping in Australia
The Australian Communications and Media Authority has published its latest  research report: E-commerce marketplace in

Online Retail statisitics Australia

Australia: Online Shopping. The report is their first look at the developing online shopping market from both a supplier and user perspective.

Some interesting facts


> Findings show 59 per cent of adults went online to purchase a good or service in the six months to April 2011, compared to 53 per cent in the six months to November 2009.

> Businesses are increasing engagement with consumers via the internet: 59 per cent of Australian small to medium enterprises had taken orders online from consumers at April 2011.
> Approximately 62 per cent of internet users purchased a good or service online in the six months to April 2011.
> Internet users aged 35-44 years were more likely to have shopped online than any other age group (73 per cent).
> Those with higher incomes—$150,000 or more per annum—were more likely to have shopped online (86 per cent).

> Australians living in remote locations had a higher incidence of online shopping than those living in anywhere else—70 per cent of internet users in remote or very remote areas had purchased a good or service online in the six months to April 2011.

> Convenience and price were identified as the main reasons Australians shop online.
> A ‘lack of trust’, ‘no need’ and preferences to shop in-store were the main reasons people chose not to shop online.
> Online shopping was predominately conducted via computer, with mobile phone internet e-commerce largely used for banking and bill payment.
> Travel goods, tickets and accommodation were the most popular items purchased online, although there was some variation based on age and location of the purchaser.
> The majority of online shoppers continue to buy from Australian websites.
> The proportion of online shoppers accessing overseas websites increased from 19 per cent to 29 per cent during the period from November 2009 to Aprill 2011. This increase is likely due to an increase in the Australian dollar.
> Supporting local industries was the leading reason why people mainly shopped on Australian websites (30 per cent).


The full report is available on the ACMA  website at

Also, please see their interactive presentation:


There is also a report and statistics on mobile usage.

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