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Remote staffing for online retailers post-COVID-19

According to QuantumMetric, conversion rates of online sales have increased by 8.8% just in February of this year. CCInsight reports that April sales amongst online retailers is similar to that of the holiday season, while also reporting that year-over-year (YOY) growth is up 68% as of mid April and is expected to increase in the coming months. With this new demand caused by the pandemic, must come new strategies.

It’s no surprise that the global pandemic would have such a massive impact on the online retail space and that, as more and more consumers shop online for the first time, those trends could remain somewhat permanent long after the pandemic is over. In the midst of all this, online retailers have had to increase working hours and even hire more employees to keep up with the growing demand. 

That being said, the quarantine has made the hiring and on-boarding of these new employees increasingly difficult. This is why staffing companies who recruit and help manage remote staff have also seen an influx of new business. One such company is, which has offices and partners in Australia, the Philippines, UK and America; And who have developed new strategies and services to fulfill the staffing and management needs of retailers worldwide. 

What is remote staffing?

Remote staffing is an alternative to hiring in-house employees who will work in your office but also a better alternative than hiring freelancers who may not have the dedication that your company requires. Furthermore, remote staffing is also different from outsourcing because the employees are your employees and work exclusively for your company. Another thing that differentiates remote staffing is when you hire remote employees using an agency like, we not only help to find and recruit your new employees but we assist with the on-boarding, training and even provide continuing oversight to make sure your staff are staying productive, reaching their targets and reporting back to the head office accurately.

What positions are ideal for remote staffing?

Many online retailers invest heavily in their web development and online marketing strategies. But also must place lots of emphasis on customer service, order processing, back-office tasks and encoding of their webshops. Here’s a brief list of positions commonly handed off to remote workers…

  • Web Developers
  • Graphics Artists
  • Content Writers
  • PPC Ads Managers
  • SEO Agents
  • In-bound Customer Service / Order taking
  • Email & Help Desk Support
  • Webshop Encoders
  • Administrative & Back-Office 

Why is remote staffing a wise option?

Not only do companies save on the office and infrastructure of hiring employees to work onsite but they can also leverage global resources to hire skilled labor at rates much lower than the Australian average wage which is amongst the highest in the world. Furthermore, companies like provide that extra oversight to help make sure that you are using the most up-to-date tools, software and best practices that will increase collaboration and productivity of your teams, no matter where in the world they may be. 

To wrap things up, the online space knows no boundaries and therefore owners and managers should always be looking at the next horizon to explore how they can increase sales, revenues and even enter into new markets. This is what sets us apart from brick & mortar and even though the pandemic has been disastrous for many, it will likely help usher in a new age of commerce worldwide. 

Zack Williamson

CEO & Co-Founder

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