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Logistics & Fulfilment

Showpo triples warehouse capacity as sales roll in

Online women’s fashion retailer Showpo has grown rapidly since founder and CEO Jane Lu started the business in her parent’s garage eight years ago.

The company marked its millionth order in December 2017 and reportedly exceeded annual revenue of $30 million in 2016. Now, it has opened its own 4700sqm warehouse in Sydney.

The move more than triples Showpo’s previous warehouse capacity and brings the amount of stock it can hold up to a million units. Importantly, it is also expected to facilitate personalised customer initiatives that weren’t possible when Showpo outsourced logistics operations to a third party.

“Our consumer touch points are so important to us, every time we miss an opportunity to speak to them in our voice is a significant loss to the business and brand,” Lu said in a statement.

“This allows us the ability to be agile within the fast-paced digital landscape and bring a whole new touch point to our customers, personalising the entire brand experience.”

Lu is focused on maintaining Showpo’s cheeky and open culture as the brand grows, and the new warehouse includes a branded basketball court, complete with graffiti art feature wall.

“It is critical to us that our team culture transcends locations with teams based out of our Sydney HQ, offshore and now our warehouse,” Lu said.

“We like to have some fun with it, now the entire Sydney HQ team wants to work from the warehouse!”

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