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Introducing Chocolab: Shoes of Prey for chocolate

First launched in March 2015, Online chocolate shop, Chocolab, is relaunching its brand with an updated site and plans to open its first store.

Chocolab is based in North Willoughby, Sydney at 304 Penshurst Street and is set to open a store at the same location in the next few weeks.

The site’s main attraction is the creation lab, which allows chocolate lovers to customise their own blocks of chocolates. Think Shoes of Prey meets the Easter Bunny.

“Firstly, you pick your base of either, creamy white, smooth milk or decedent dark chocolate, then add your choice of over 80 delicious additions. You can add up to five ingredients per bar and choose from spices, fruit, biscuits, nuts and much more,” the company says.

“Add exotic cinnamon, nougat, coffee beans, crunchie sprinkles, Jaffa’s, salted caramel or pecans, try the foodie’s sea salt, or candy confections of Gummie bears and M&M’s. There are endless possibilities and with over one billion different combinations, the only limit is your imagination.”

Founder Veronique Eldridge-Smith started Chocolab to satisfy the cravings of chocolate lovers all over Australia.

“I created Chocolab for chocolate connoisseurs, who seek variety, love to experiment with flavours and who, until now have only been able to fantasise about their dream chocolate existing. With Chocolab you can create the chocolate bar you wish existed!’ said Eldridge-Smith

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