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Delivery start-up Sherpa launches on-demand options

Delivery start-up, Sherpa, has launched a four-hour and same day delivery service to its current delivery platform for individuals and businesses.

Sherpa now offers three different time services; the two-hour service, four-hour and same day services are offered across the six cities it operates (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Perth and Adelaide).

Businesses can either book manually or integrate Sherpa into their online stores or POS system to process the job automatically. The job is the sent to one of Sherpa’s crowd-sourced delivery drivers.

“We are delighted to be offering these two new services to build upon our on-demand delivery service which will not only allow Sherpas to be more efficient with their time and deliveries but also allow them to accept more deliveries,” said Sherpa, co-founder Ben Nowlan.

“Adding another string to our bow helps us  to provide our customers a complete service as we look to owning last mile delivery. This is great for deliveries with  lower urgency and great for businesses as we take the next step in consolidating their delivery services. We want to be the only provider that businesses think about when it comes to last mile needs”.

Sherpa currently has over 9,000 drivers nationwide and is constantly recruiting.

“Since launching in March 2015, bookings have increased 130 per cent month-on-month. We’ve seen a great level of custom across the small business sector and we think this option will  extend our appeal for a wide variety of services and businesses,” said Nowlan.

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