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Second-hand luxury marketplace EnterOffer launches

A new online marketplace focusing on facilitating customer-to-customer second-hand luxury sales, EnterOffer, has launched.

The site allows Australians to list a given luxury product for a price they are prepared to accept, and for potential buyers to then make offers as to what they are prepared to spend. When the two parties can come to an agreement, a purchase can be made.

The concept comes from social media buy-and-sell groups, according to CEO Angus Scutt, which have been incredibly busy during Covid-19.

“Buyers would regularly miss out on what someone was selling in a social media post,” said Scutt.

“While the buyer was still interested in buying the product from other sellers… their interest would be lost with the post as it descended to the bottom of the group newsfeed.”

EnterOffer, however, will keep all offers public on an item listing, allowing potential sellers to see how a similar item to their own sold and to discover potential buyers.

The business was founded in 2017, and has primarily acted to create e-commerce solutions for other online stores. However, with the second-hand goods industry pegged to reach $36 billion of value in 2021 according to Boston Consulting Group, EnterOffer wanted to enter the fray.

“We couldn’t ignore the growth being seen in the secondary market and sitcoul back… I think it will be really great when you can know the current value of things you own at any given moment simply because there’s a constant line of buyers waiting,” Scutt said.

“That’s something we’re hoping to achieve in growing and facilitating this booming circular economy.”

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