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SafetyCulture marketplace supplies businesses with work gear

To remove the hassle in procurement and supply chain processes for businesses sourcing safety gear, workplace operations company SafetyCulture has launched a marketplace in Australia.

The platform aims to provide an innovative solution to companies allowing them to automate manual processes and improve workplace efficiency.

The marketplace features a range of products and services including machinery hire, rigging equipment, defibrillators, harnesses, workwear, cleaning products, rapid antigen tests, and protective equipment like masks and gloves.

Andrew Boyd, SafetyCulture’s MD of global marketplace, said it’s a “logistical headache” for organisations to procure workplace products.

“The marketplace brings together a broad range of suppliers to meet the diverse needs of our customers and streamline the experience. As we build out the offering, we’ll focus on enabling workers on the ground to have a say in what they need to do their job well.”

The company says it will roll out this offering to the US and UK early next year.

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