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Retailers need to ensure spam-law compliant marketing campaigns

Retailers should ensure that their marketing campaigns, even if outsourced to third parties, are spam law compliant or else face significant consequences, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) warned.

The ACMA’s warning comes ahead of the end-of-year sales period, and noted that businesses have paid over $12.5 million in penalties for violating Australia’s spam and telemarketing laws over the last 18 months.

The ACMA said that marketing messages should clearly and accurately identify the sender, include information on how to readily contact the sender, and include an option for recipients to unsubscribe from receiving further communications.

In addition, retailers should have consent of who will be sent messages and must be able to provide evidence in case the ACMA requests it.

Unsubscribing from receiving further messages should not also cost anything to individuals and should not require a person to create or login to an account or provide additional personal information. A request to unsubscribe should also be actioned within five working days.

Business owners will also be reliable for breaches committed by third-party providers.

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