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The Daily Edited talks bricks & mortar expansion plans

In June 2015, Alyce Tran left her job at a top tier law firm to grow The Daily Edited into a major player in the mass market accessory space. Internet Retailing caught up with Alyce to chat about the growth of the brand over the last 18 months. 

IR: How did The Daily Edited evolve from a lifestyle blog to a brand/retailer?
AT: I think it was a part of my DNA, I’ve always sold things, when I was a kid my parents had a strawberry farm and I sold strawberries to people passing by, then my mum opened a stationery/gift store and so I worked there and then life happened and I became a lawyer so when we saw an opportunity to create a product that no one was really offering in Australia at the time I didn’t have to think twice!

I think practically it was easy for us to make the leap as we already had a website and had begun to build a following with an audience that liked our aesthetic and therefore might be interested in buying our product.

IR: How do content and e-commerce work together?
AT: Content adds context to our products and I don’t think it ever works to just have a white web page with photos of your products. We are constantly producing new imagery of our products whether it will be still life or with people we collaborate with. For example, we have a campaign going live this week where we have collaborated with inspiring women in Sydney who are excelling in a range of fields we have Laura Enever, a pro surfer, Megan Morton, a top interior stylist, Grace Huang, a hollywood actress, Josephine Perry, a restraunteur and Zindzi Okenyo a musician. It involved using products from our range of their choice that have been incorporated into their every day lives.

IR: How did the David Jones pop-up concept come about?
AT: We have good relationships with David Jones, for example Donna Player (essentially the head buyer) is a fan of our product so when we pitched our product to David Jones they loved it and asked us to do a pop-up that has now turned into a permanent concession store. We are now also opening in the Bourke St (Melbourne) David Jones store in a couple of months.

IR: As a predominantly online brand, what role does bricks and mortar play in your strategy?
AT: Bricks and mortar retailing allows us to reach a customer base we wouldn’t ordinarily be able to reach, it complements our online presence really nicely. There are customers out there that need to touch and feel before they buy and now we have an avenue for them to do so.

IR: What are your goals for 2016?
AT: We definitely want to focus on growing our business domestically and provide customers with an amazing experience both online and in our stores. We also want to start spreading the TDE seed internationally but we will see where we get to on that!

Alyce will be speaking at Online Retailer Melbourne, on March 16 to 17, 2016. 

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