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Postie jobs could be on the line at Australia Post: CEPU

One in four postie jobs could be cut under changes proposed by Australia Post and backed by the Morrison Government, said the CEPU Union.

Following the strain of COVID-19, the Government has temporarily allowed Australia Post to redeploy its workforce to “areas of the business where their help is needed most”.

The impacts of the changes could also affect other postal workers, which could face up to 30 per cent cut from take-home pay, as well as impact the ability for the service to continue delivering packages at the current speed.

“Australia Post is attempting to use COVID-19 as cover to make drastic cuts to jobs and postal services across the country,” said CEPU national president Shane Murphy.

“Australians are relying on our postal service more than ever at the moment and our posties are already struggling to keep up with current demand.”

Murphy said the move was shocking, considering how many posties had put themselves in harms way during the COVID-19 crisis to ensure the mail continued to flow.

Australia Post rebutted that no postie impacted by the changes would be forced to accept redundancy.

“Australia Post also has no plans to cut posties’ take-home pay,” the business said in a statement.

“Any change to our employee working arrangements will be made in accordance with existing obligations, including enterprise agreements and we are committed to continue to consult closely with employee representatives on proposed changes.”

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