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Pictures say a thousand words

Pictures Say a Thousand Words


E-retailers constantly are researching, purchasing and monitoring technology, whether fundamental like infrastructure or experimental like podcasting. However, while technology indeed is key to Internet retailing, most merchants are forgetting about an aspect of online shopping that is even more important: the customer. Strategically speaking, changing the primary focus from web site construction and infrastructure to developing deeper and richer relationships with customers is a very important goal for Internet retailers.

Most people in the industry still view e-commerce as making efficient transactions, and being equip with the latest in online displays A lot have achieved this goal. So now that there is a solid technological foundation, to succeed e-retailers must notch up customer service efforts to the point where they can treat online shoppers the same as if they were shopping in a store. When customers are at a web store, they’re not there to rush through a transaction-they want to find the products they’re looking for, here product images are important.


It seems by the number of blurry, dark images I see on the net many business owners attempt to do their own product photography. Why skimp here when professional product photography can make a real difference to conversion rates and make for less hassle in the long run.


A recent job I did the business owner had been getting his stores assistant to take the product shots. The problem it created were numerous. The first problem was that he wasn’t able to get the actual color of the product to translate to the online images. To make this easier a gray card is a must! Shoot in RAW format and allow your images editing software and gray card to do the work.


Telling the difference between a brushed aluminum and chrome finished can be difficult for a customer buying online. The lighting needs to be right and then with a lot of help from photo editing software the actual finish can be displayed online.


You could argue that model shots may be less effective than showing the garment in isolation – the models face the other clothing she wears or the background might detract from the product itself. Using a floating style like below you can show the way the item looks on while keeping the focus on the item only.

This style shot is also cost effective allowing you the freedom to update your images regularly. This style of image allows you to keep your online store uniform through out

Looks professional and trust worthy.

One image shows the style, colour and the inside lining plus how it would look on the buyer.

A close up zoom option allows the buyer to get a good idea of the type of material used.


You can make your product images sell for you by thinking through the best ways to show how your products are incredible or solve a customer’s problems. It’s not just your product description’s job! Maximize both product descriptions and images and you’ll up the persuasion factor and conversion rates too.


All shoppers want to be provided as much visual information in as large a viewing format as possible–including interactive zoom that allows shoppers to dynamically pan and zoom to deeper levels of details–leading to another well known rule, “bigger is better.” As the study found, the two concepts go hand in hand; even in a full-screen view, shoppers still expected browsing to be quick and easy but also offer multiple levels of detail. And finally, the results pointed to the importance of offering as many images as possible (all colors and all views) with rich details–ideally featuring all sides of a product, creating a full 360-degree spin. Combining robust imagery with customer reviews/comments has shown to be the ultimate, preferred experience.


Barry Daly is a specialist e commerce photographer 



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