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Online shopping growing faster in certain cities, states

New data on parcel delivery reveals where online shopping is growing fastest in Australia.

The uptake in online shopping outpaced population growth over the last two years in Sydney, Perth, Canberra and Adelaide, though Sydney saw the fastest growth, according to CouriersPlease.

Data from the 18 million parcels CouriersPlease delivered in 2018 shows that online shopping grew twice as fast as population growth in Sydney since 2017: 10 per cent parcel delivery growth compared to 4.34 per cent population growth.

Perth came in second, with parcel deliveries growing 12 per cent over the past two years, compared to 6.44 per cent population growth.

Parcel deliveries fell by 1 per cent in Brisbane over the last two years, and grew by 1 per cent in Melbourne, though the population grew by 2.45 per cent.

At a state-wide level, WA saw more growth in online shopping compared to its population than any other state. Parcel deliveries across the state were up 11 per cent over the past two years, compared with 2.29 per cent population growth.

NSW followed, with 9 per cent growth in parcel deliveries, compared to 2.45 per cent population growth. Growth was flat in Victoria, and negative in Queensland and South Australia.

“While retail spending in actual stores might have decreased, we’re seeing a rapid increase in the rate of online shopping in multiple states and cities,” said Jessica Ip, CouriersPlease’s spokesperson.

“Online retailers are continuously improving the online and delivery experience for customers, making purchasing goods online a more convenient and attractive option,” she said, adding that CouriersPlease and an increasing number of retailers are continuing to innovate in the last-mile delivery space.

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