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NSW land use change could result in more local DCs

Updated retail land use definitions introduced by the NSW Government will allow councils to designate ‘local distribution premises’, effective August 31.

The local distribution premises are intended to expedite last-mile delivery solutions for couriers and other delivery agents and not offer click-and-collect options.

“Competition and a culture of immediacy are giving rise of retail giants and global supply chains,” the NSW Governments discussion paper reads.

“The result of this is a rapid increase in the number of direct-to-consumer, last-mile deliveries, requiring greater public investment and planning of distribution channels, such as retail ockers at rail stations or shared consideration centres where multiple retailers work with suppliers for effective order fulfilment.”

The Government noted that while retailers want to remain innovative, they have been challenged by the degree of flexibility within the current framework.

“Today’s announcement is the law catching up to the reality of the market which will unleash a new wave of investment in NSW,” Large Format Retail Association chief executive Philippa Kelly said.

“These amendments will give all retail stakeholders clarity, consistency and certainty.”

The changes also cover new definitions of large format retail, specialised goods retail, and neighbourhood supermarkets, allowing a wider range of businesses to be included and more flexibility in the ways businesses are able to meet the needs of customers.

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