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New Zealand exceeding expectations for Catch Group

Three months after launching Catch of the Day in New Zealand, parent company Catch Group apparently likes what it sees.

The e-commerce leader is investing in a robust marketing campaign to grow the customer base and brand awareness.

“We are seeing some outstanding results already,” Catch Group CEO Nati Harpaz said.

“Within three months, New Zealand has become a higher revenue generator than we had accounted for, it really has exceeded our expectations.”

According to Catch Group, the New Zealand site is achieving $200,000 in sales per week primarily off the back of urban, female consumers.

Nearly half of customers are from Auckland, 69 per cent are female and 60 per cent are between the ages of 25 and 44, according to Catch Group.

The top-selling item is Finish Quantum dishwashing tablets, followed by discounted technology, such as Sony noise cancelling headphones, and Dyson vacuum cleaners.

The offering is similar to Catch Group’s offering in Australia, minus its marketplace offering, which launched in Australia one year ago.

The company recently announced that Catch Marketplace is bringing in $2 million in sales per week.

Nati Harpaz is a co-founder of Octomedia, publisher of Internet Retailing.

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