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Neto fast-tracks process of listing on Amazon

Neto has launched a new solution to fast-track the process of registering products for Amazon, which it claims can get small and medium-sized retailers up and running on Amazon in less than 15 minutes.

The solution, which was released in beta two weeks ago and officially became available on Wednesday, allows sellers to bulk select and list entire product categories with just a few clicks. Previously, sellers were required to upload products one-by-one, or, to bulk upload, cross-referencing and matching each individual product with the relevant fields in Amazon’s templates, which reportedly contain up to 195 columns.

Anna Samkova, head of e-commerce at PAS Group, which has launched brands including Review on Amazon, previously told Internet Retailing that the listing process on Amazon left a lot to be desired.

Tasks that took the company a matter of hours on other marketplaces took days on Amazon, though Samkova conceded the process perhaps was more straightforward for categories like books and technology than for fashion.

Neto’s solution also automatically syncs any product changes the retailer makes to their store on Neto with their store on Amazon, so they no longer need to manually update the spreadsheets.

Since its release in beta two weeks ago, the number of Amazon product listings from Neto retailers has increased by 78 per cent, according to the e-commerce company.

Ryan Murtagh, founder and CEO of Neto said the decision to build the solution came out of a recent poll, which revealed that two in every three Neto retailers are either already selling on Amazon Australia, or intend to start. But for the one in three retailers that aren’t, the main reason given was the complexity of the process.

“Retailers are inherently time-poor, and this is never more evident than over the holiday trading period,” he said. “Our … solution means busy retailers can be up and selling on Amazon Australia in literally minutes. It’s a true game-changer.”

A recent analysis of Neto’s transactional data showed that one third of total online sales value now comes through marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Catch.

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