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Much Faster Mobile Payments Pygg


Aussie Start-up Pygg is giving the banks a run for their money and is Faster At Mobile Payments, No Matter Who You Bank With. Paying with the new Pygg app is faster than any other app on the market. It’s simple, instant payments to any Australian mobile number Sending money has never been easier, regardless of who you bank with

There’s something about mobile banking apps that is really enticing. You think “wow…my bank really is mobile

and progressive” but when it comes to paying your friends – different banks don’t get along. To pay a friend you

get a text message, you need to click a link, you need some type of net banking code, and the person on the

other end actually has to remember your mobile number. Now, what’s the point in going cashless with a banking

app when cash is actually easier?

Pygg solves the real problem because it sits above the banks – anyone can use Pygg, no matter who they bank

with. The launch of the new Pygg iPhone App makes social payments, like paying someone back for lunch,

faster and simpler than cash.

By drawing straight from your contact list to allow instant payments to any of your friends with their mobile

number, email address or Twitter handle, Pygg takes the pain out of payments between friends.

“It is about time sending money to a friend was not only cashless, but liberated from archaic banking speak like

BSBs, account numbers and net banking codes. These days everyone has a mobile phone and everyone has

their friends number in their contacts. We have made sending money to a friend as easy as sending them a text,

regardless of who they bank with.” says Peter Crowe, Pygg’s CEO.

At Pygg we are constantly striving to make cashless transactions among friends as simple and fun as possible.

We don’t only innovate for our customers, our customers are, in fact, always teaching us new ways to use Pygg.

Charity payments, pocket money, tipping waiters, bets between friends, office coffee runs. We’re building new

products as we speak to bring Pygg to life in new and innovative ways.

Key App features:
  • Transfer money instantly to your friends on Twitter, email or mobile phone number – no bank account
  • details or net banking codes required.
  • Anyone with any Australian bank account can use Pygg. Top up your Pygg account by credit card
  • You can ‘pygg’ money to other users as many times as you like for free
  • Withdraw money from your Pygg account for free
  • It’s highly secure – as well as using bank-grade security systems, Pygg is currently limited to Australian
  • Dollars and only allows withdrawals to Australian bank accounts, resulting in a safe, secure and traceable
  • community.
About Pygg

Pygg (pronounced ‘pig’), the Australian born social payment network, backed by founding investors Rohan Lund,

Tim Howard and start-up incubator Pollenizer, launched the second version of its iPhone App today. You can

now easily send money to your friends straight from your contact list using just their mobile phone number.


Pygg is Better with Friends

Pygg is running a promotion for the App launch, if you sign up now with the promo code ‘FRIENDS’, they’ll shout

you $5 to give to a friend of your choice.

For more information


Georgia Vidler

Pygg Community Manager

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