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Most Asia-Pacific consumers unhappy with delivery experiences

Only 22 per cent of Apac consumers report having product delivery experiences that meet their expectations every time, according to a new study by BluJay Solutions.

The research finds that with contactless delivery options becoming more prevalent against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, consumers expectations for transparent, reliable and accurate delivery information is greatly enhanced. In spite of this, deliveries often fall below expectations.

“With consumers stuck at home due to Covid-19 restrictions, we’re seeing a shift in delivery needs and preferences towards contactless ‘click and collect’ in addition to increased demand for precise collection and delivery times,” said BluJay Solutions GM Apac Katie Kinraid.

“However, the delivery experience is being hindered by issues such as delayed deliveries, long wait times and a lack of proactive communications.”

The research also indicated that consumer age groups previously reluctant to switch habits to shopping online are now making e-commerce purchases on a fortnightly basis, predominantly purchasing clothing, footwear, small electronics, groceries and supplements/beauty products. Half of all Apac consumers surveyed reported shopping more online since the outbreak.

A significant problem is delay in delivery, with only 14 per cent of respondents reporting regular timely deliveries. While 87 per cent of consumers check cost before completing purchases, 71 per cent check the delivery timeframe and 51 per cent consider delivery tracking functions.

BluJay surveyed more than 7000 shoppers throughout the region, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia in the course of the report.

“Retailers and carriers must adapt to suit consumer preferences that have transformed as a result of this pandemic,” said Kinraid. “Returns policies, for instance, will become more important as consumers increase their online shopping.

“With consumers now preferring contactless, same-day delivery, retailers and carriers need to reassess how they will manage the new model moving forward,” she said.

“Areas for improvement that retailers and carriers should consider include the need for new communication channels with customers, as well as the need for greater transparency and accuracy on the delivery and collection times. Most importantly they will need to look at how they can help ensure a seamless and safe delivery that maintains zero contact and reduces the potential for theft.”

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