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Mobile shopping up 20 per cent on last year

Australians are spending 20 per cent longer on mobile shopping apps in 2017 compared to 2016, new research from Yahoo7 and Flurry Analytics shows.

Consumers around the world are spending more time on mobile devices, with Australians leading the way in terms of app usage, according to Yahoo’s latest State of Mobile report.

Overall app usage grew by 34 per cent year-on-year in Australia, outpacing global growth during the same period.

Shopping apps saw the third-biggest gain in usage, following the 60 per cent increase in time spent on messaging and social apps and 33 per cent increase for utilities and productivity apps.

Aussies are also contributing to the ‘phablet’ revolution, the report reveals. Usage of these devices, defined as phones with screen sizes between 5-6.9 inches, grew by 13 per cent over the last year to become the most popular device in Australia.

“Australia is undergoing tremendous change, officially becoming a mature mobile market over the last year,” said Chris Klotzbach, director of Flurry.

“With increasing usage of phablets, rise of m-commerce and diversification of apps, the time is right for businesses and advertisers to leverage this appetite for apps and continue to change the way consumers use their devices, daily.”

Australian teenagers, or Gen Z, spend the most time on music, media and entertainment apps, while younger millennials (18-24) use messaging and social apps the most, and older millennials (35-34) use utilities and productivity apps the most.

35-year-old Aussies and above spend the most time on utilities and productivity apps. However, all three categories, plus games, make up the top three app categories across the population.

The report is based on insights into 29 million devices in Australia, which is more devices than the total population. Nearly 50 per cent of the total device count is driven out of Sydney and Melbourne.

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