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Melbourne teen Lucas Klubb creates virtual models for catwalks

Lucas Klubb, a 16-year-old creative from Melbourne, is revolutionising the technology industry through ethical and sustainable 3D virtual models.

Klubb founded Klubb Visuals last year, a virtual model agency with a focus on diversity and sustainability for marketing and tech-based use. Such avatars are created in a 3D workspace and are completely virtual. The avatars are incredibly realistic, using various tools and techniques to create a life-like effect.

Two of Klubb’s six avatars, Candice and Bambi, have already strutted onto the cat walk of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia in June, before later featuring in Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, Elle China and Elle Portugal.

The brand wants to break the cycle of exploitation for conventional models, including low wages, extended and unpaid hours, unrealistic expectations and a culture of body shaming. By using virtual models many of these problems are resolved.

“I want to create a positive change for sustainability in tech and utilise virtual beings to create an ideal and healthy work environment,” Klubb explained.

“There has been a need for virtual models now more than ever due to the global virus, business has significantly increased and I’m glad that I can provide a safe alternative.”

The pandemic has proven a tipping point for many industries with retailers having to focus online and Zoom meetings becoming a norm, forcing industries to search for new, original ways to present their products.

According to Klubb, virtual fashion shows will have less environmental impact as there is no need to hire a venue, fly in models or have people flying around the world for the sake of a 10-minute show. 

Earlier this year, Klubb Visuals collaborated with Be.Li.Ve Studio, a contemporary Moscow-based label, to create a three-minute virtual fashion show. Through doing this, Klubb showed the positive environmental impact such work has.

Veta Belinskaya, the creative behind Be.Li.Ve  said it was a fantastic experience for the brand and fans.

The business model came just in time when the Covid-19 pandemic has caused the suspension and cancellation of traditional fashion show format. 

“While the whole world was in lockdown and other studios were standing still – we were actively creating.”

Klubb has also published tutorials on his YouTube channel showing how he creates his virtual models, with his free lessons viewed more than 160,000 times already. The tutorials have received positive feedback from the community for their simplicity and educational value.

Klubb Visuals recently released six new virtual models, and a rebrand in time for the first year anniversary of the business. Lucas Klubb plans to create new-age supermodels and showcase different types of digital beauty. Below is a virtual catwalk showcasing the new 3D avatars. 

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