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Marketplace Medcart chalks up $10 million in first-year sales

Australian health and medical start-up Medcart has achieved $10 million in annual sales in less than 12 months.

The website allows pharmacy, health and medical providers to display their products along with images, descriptions and prices. Customers can search the portal and place orders directly, make payments or enquire about bulk deals and have their purchase shipped directly from the providers.

The idea was conceived during the Covid pandemic peak when health facilities struggled to obtain sufficient stock of medical-grade personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Medcart founder, Phil Leahy said the team spotted a gap in the marketplace for high-quality PPE and wanted to resolve it.

“There was no mechanism to assist staff in locating manufacturers and placing PPE orders. We realised an online portal could be developed that brought together health and medical suppliers with customers,” he said.

Since its launch, the website has attracted more than 80 vendors and 50,000 customers to shop and sell on the platform. Additionally, new categories will be launched to support growing demand. The company is looking to expand its product range into areas such as pharmaceutical supplies and beauty products.

The Medcart portal is powered by Marketplacer.

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