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Naked Wines founder Luke Jecks launches new app venture SloCoach

Naked Wines founder Luke Jecks has a new online venture which stemmed from his love of sport. 

Jecks, CEO of Naked Wines International, has developed a new Australian sports app called SloCoach which will go live today in the Apple app store. A consumer and media launch is slated for the coming weeks. 

SloCoach connects ordinary sports participants with acclaimed professionals, enabling the sharing of experience gained over many years of elite level sporting performance. Aussie sporting icons like Matt Burke for rugby, Michael Slater for cricket, Cath Cox for netball, Daniel Kowalski for swimming and Kerri Pottharst for volleyball have signed on as SloCoach experts, and will soon be available to Australians for personal coaching.

Using the slow motion camera recording function now available through standard smartphones, everyday athletes can upload a slow motion video of themselves, and receive feedback on their performance or technique directly from these Aussie sporting icons.

“Worldwide, it’s generally accepted that the best coaching is reserved for the elite, the top level national performers,” Jecks said. “Despite this, there are hundreds of thousands of athletes across Australia training each day, putting in the hard yards, keeping fit and trying to improve their performance in a chosen sport. They’re not trying to get to the Olympics, but they are committed to being the best they can be. SloCoach can help these individuals reach their goals by facilitating direct access to some of Australia’s best elite athletes and sporting legends.”

The new business has personal significance for Jecks, who harbours a life long love of sport; playing and coaching rugby, surfing and serving on patrol for Surf Lifesaving Australia at his home beach in Newport, North of Sydney.

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