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Luggage startup July launches new range of travel-inspired artwork

Direct-to-consumer travel brand July has launched a new range of artwork in a bid to stay relevant while international travel remains off the cards.

The new range features original photographs of cities and nature scenes from around the world, including Iceland India, and Japan.

The online retailer is using its scale and production capabilities to print, frame and ship gallery-grade products for 15-40 per cent cheaper than the market.  

Besides scratching Australians’ itch to travel while borders remain closed, the new range will also help support local artists who have been hit hard by COVID-19.

“We wanted to connect the two; helping the artists we’ve worked with in the past to a new audience looking to upgrade their homes while in isolation,” July’s co-founders Athan Didaskalou and Richard Li said in a statement.

“In a moment where the world stopped moving we wanted to find inspiration and bring the outside in.”

The move into artwork is also helping to offset the decline in sales of July’s core range, which is luggage.

The online retailer launched in December 2018 with a range of smart luggage, but since borders have closed due to COVID-19, it has adjusted its focus more towards travel bags and now art.

The photographers featured in the first round are Sam Wong, Jackson Loria, Jess Brohier, Aleksandar Jason, and Tess Kelly.

“July is helping me get my photos to the world, and taking care of the difficulties of printing and framing,” said Jackson Loria, who had all his jobs cancelled once the COVID-19 lockdowns hit.

“It’s better priced than I could ever do it, and I hope to sell more because of it.” 

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