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SEO Conversation Cafe -Do you know much about SEO?

If you answered yes (or no…)

You are  invited to attend our first  Conversation Cafe  discussion on the state of search, latest trends and how it can be usedsearch to boost traffic to your site. This round table is a collaboration between Teresa Sperti (Head of Marketing & Technology of, and owner of blog, Adam Griffiths (Get Started) and Mark Freidin and Nathan Huppatz of

The event will offer a unique chance to participate in a discussion and learn lessons from participants Teresa Sperti, Adam Griffiths and Nathan Huppatz.

The event is designed to provide people with the opportunity to participate in a robust discussion about factors affecting the search industry, to share best practice and to discuss the latest trends.

The format of the session will largely be discussion based, aimed at allowing anyone interested to share knowledge in the area of organic search engine optimization.

Discussion Topics

1.    What role is social media playing within your search strategy
2.    How is real time changing the search landscape and how is this changing your search tactics?
3.    Measurement of search in a world of personalisation.
4.    How are organisations optimising for mobile search
5.    How have organisations adapted their search strategy to Bing


About the facilitators:

Teresa Sperti is the Head of Marketing & Technology of

With over 9 years experience as a marketing professional, including two years working in  In London in the digital space,  Teresa’s knowledge base extends across the digital landscape with expertise in;
• Digital strategy and planning
• Paid and organic search marketing
• Website development and analysis
• Email marketing
• Social media marketing

Nathan Huppatz is a director of Directshop Solutions and co owner of multiple internet  retailing sites and web publications. Nathan has over 11 years of experience in internet retailing in Australia and is one of the true pioneering veterans of online retailing in Australia. His knowledge is broad and vast and he understands all facets of Online retailing

Adam Griffiths joins the discussion as one of the specialists with search knowledge to share experience with the group. Adam Griffiths is the director of Get Started, a development agency which assists clients with website development and search projects.

Who should attend?

The event is aimed at anyone who is serious about participating, contributing and  learning the latest trends in the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how it can improve your bottom line!

Where and When

Level 6
94 Elizabeth St
, Melbourne
VIC 3000, Australia

06:00pm – 8:00pm

Tuesday 8 June 2010


Click here to buy your tickets, 0 places left (SOLD OUT)

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This event is the result of a collaboration between :

Teresa Sperti –

Adam Griffiths –

Mark Freidin/Nathan Huppatz  –

Nathan Huppatz –






digitalmarkDirectshop Solutions


Photo credit: Salvatore Vuono

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