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Leaders Summit 2014 Pushes Boundaries of Conversation


Leaders Summit 2014 will bring together a guild of C-level executives ‘or equivalent authority,’ in a ‘Camp David Style’ engagement, designed to push the boundaries of conversation, openly and honestly discuss key issues and challenges facing Australian retail, as well as advocate for the opportunities. The event is designed to shake up and challenge conventional thinking in a supportive environment.


Co-hosted by Russell Zimmerman, CEO of the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), and Paul Greenberg, Executive Chairman of, Leaders Summit 2014 will be held over one and a half days and will feature a unique series of highly facilitated sessions focussing on what is important to you and your peers. Paul Greenberg says ‘The diversity of Australian retail will be reflected in the attendance. The summit will attract a variety of businesses including representatives from new and established businesses, and small group of relevant government bodies to actively engage around topics and questions that impact the retail ecosystem. The conversation will be dynamic but should include: the changing role of shops in the future; Education & skills for new retail; Government & regulatory alignment and support (red tape, taxes, grants, the structural costs of doing business in Australia); The blurring of online and offline retail and how that will play out; Employment relations; The lower value threshold and much more.

Paul says, ‘There is no event like this in where Australian retailers, and enablers of retail, are given the opportunity to come together and grow together. This year, we will benefit from Where to from Here, providing world class facilitation.’

In addition there will be keynote speaker contribution: Author of Business Outlook and Partner in charge of Deloitte Access Economics’ Forecasting and Policy unit, Chris Richardson will prompt debate and conversations across business and industry on the big picture issues facing the Australian economy, and provide an in-depth analysis of the Budget and what it means for Australian businesses.

Senior Partner of Strategy & Operations Practice at Deloitte, David Milo will share his experience in senior roles and deployments for the British and Australian Army and challenge thinking with the backdrop of decision making and taking action ‘when leadership is under fire.’
Held at QT Gold Coast, 7 Staghorn Avenue, Gold Coast Qld, Leaders Summit 2014 will deliver intellectually rigorous content in an environment that fosters vigorous thinking and dialogue. Attendance is by invitation only. Please contact:

Shannon Micallef –
Alice Kuepper –
Laura Mclennan –

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