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Kogan launches gift cards in stores

Pureplay retailer has launched gift cards that allows customers to buy credit for online-only shopping in more than 2000 retail stores around Australia.

The gift cards, which have been made available in 7-Eleven, Coles Supermarkets and Woolworths, can be purchased with cash, credit card, or debit card.

“The decisions by some of Australia’s biggest and best bricks and mortar retailers to stock gift cards for online shopping is a significant milestone,” said Ross Metherell, director of strategy at

“What it says about Australian shopping habits is that people want convenience and value, and retailers are responding to that. For some people, convenience means picking up a few extra items while doing their regular shopping for groceries and fuel. For others, it means relaxing in the comfort of their own home and having goods delivered right to their door. Now, Australians can do both.”

He said with online shopping showing no signs of slowing down in the coming years, they hope having gift cards in retail stores all around Australia “will help more people discover the joy of shopping online.”

“The retail industry has moved on from a battle between online and physical stores, and is moving towards each retailer working hard to provide the best version of its own particular brand of convenience and value to Australian shoppers.”

This story first appeared on our sister site, Inside Retail Australia.

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