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Kogan cashes in on demand for NBN has expanded into another service vertical, launching a broadband internet service in a bid to cash in on growing demand for NBN plans.

The listed e-commerce business is working with its Kogan mobile partner Vodafone to roll-out the service, which it will market to its customer base in a similar model to its myriad of other services, such as insurance. executive director David Shafer is hoping the service will shake up the broadband market, encouraging Australians to change their providers.

“We are always working hard to make the most in-demand products and services more accessible and we expect that Kogan Internet’s NBN plans will shake up the market with their affordable, flexible and simple offerings,” said Shafer.

“It is important that Aussies understand that, even if they thought they found a good deal in their current ADSL or cable connection, there is no guarantee their existing provider will continue to offer the best value service in the age of NBN, so it’s worth shopping around.”

Unlimited data plans will be available for as little as $2 per day with three offer tiers that vary speed: bronze, silver and gold.

Kogan is backing its ability to successfully market the new service off the back of success with its other Vodafone partnership Kogan Mobile.

“Following the success of Kogan Mobile in providing more competitive and affordable mobile phone plans, we are excited to expand our partnership to launch Kogan NBN,” said Matthew Lobb, General Manager Fixed Broadband at Vodafone Australia

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