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Jeremy Meltzer of i=Change talks cause marketing

In this podcast, Internet Retailing editor Heather McIlvaine speaks with Jeremy Meltzer, founder of i=Change, an online platform that helps retailers and consumers support charities in Australia and around the world.

i=Change has raised over $367,000 for organisations like Dress for Success in Australia and the Fred Hollows Foundation in Africa through its partnerships with the likes of Camilla, Fame & Partners, and most recently Pandora.

Meltzer describes the platform as a win-win-win, since it not only helps people in need, but also allows retailers to differentiate themselves in a competitive market and gives consumers an opportunity to spend meaningfully.

“We’re realising that millennials especially want to know what brands stand for, want to know what their purpose is. And brands are starting to realise they must do something,” he says.

But according to Meltzer, retailers that engage in cause marketing must do so transparently and authentically, otherwise their efforts won’t resonate with consumers.

“This is about building it into the DNA of who you are,” he says.

When done right, the potential benefits are significant, including higher customer loyalty, staff retention and conversion rates.

Explaining what’s next for i=Change, Meltzer says he is building a new channel to share information with consumers about the positive work being done by partner charities around the world.

Listen to the full podcast here:

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