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Jeanswest Q & A with Sarah Hayden

What is the Critical Success Factor in your business?

The key success factor for Jeanswest is continually delivering amazing customer experiences. Generally if the view of the business stays on the customer, everything falls into place.
Customers can be both unforgiving and critical as well as amazingly forgiving and loyal when they are treated well, listened to and trust that the brand can deliver what they want, when and how they want it.

What is the most beneficial traffic and subscription driver to your site/s? Is it Press/Media, Social Media, SEO PPC, Affiliate?

Email is one of Jeanswest’s biggest traffic drivers, largely driven from our Jeanswest Reward Member program. We have focused on building an engaged customer base since relaunching the program in 2009 which now boasts 2.3 million members. As a result direct and organic traffic is also strong. From a subscription/new traffic point of view PPC is key; Affiliate and Social Advertising is growing, fast.
What are your biggest eCommerce challenges?

Challenges or opportunities?! One of the biggest challenges is keeping up with all the opportunities available in the eCommerce space. Not a bad challenge to have. We’ll never be bored! One of the biggest challenges generally is integration – whether with legacy systems or aligning the multitude of data and customer touch points we have; customers expect a seamless customer experience, see the brand as a single channel wherever they interact and expect that we know their history of engagement. Bringing all these data touch points together so we’re delivering what the customer expects will be big on radar.

What do you predict for the future of your business and eCommerce?

Digital and eCommerce will be increasingly important to Jeanswest as it becomes seamlessly integrated through the business – giving customers, and Team members access to product, stock levels and customer information. Digital technology is starting to blend with VM as the in-store experience gets integrated with online and social channels, delivery and fulfilment. I imagine more empowered staff, empowered customers and some really amazing customer experiences.


What was your best day in eCommerce, what did you sell and how did you drive those sales?

It wasn’t a day – but recently Jeanswest had our biggest sales week ever; which was a culmination of strong product, a great offer and engaging with customers across a well-integrated mix of channels, at key times, targeting the right message to the right customer. It hit home and delivered results.

Want to know more…Sarah will be speaking at the Online Retailer Conference 21-23 July in Sydney

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